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Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade

Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade

In your business, efficiency is everything. No matter what type of work you do, having good lighting is vital to keeping your workplace productive and safe. One of the main ways to do this is through the installation or upgrade of your commercial lighting to LED lights by Commercial Lighting Contractors Sacramento.

Call us today at (916) 571-2830 and tell us more about your lighting needs. Whether you want to save money, improve visibility and safety or upgrade to cleaner energy (or all of the above!) we can help make the transition to LED lighting affordable and easy.

What is LED?

Commercial Lighting Contractors SacramentoLED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Simply put, it is a device that shows visible light when electricity is passed through it. LED lights are commonly used as indicator lights, backlights, remote control lighting and much more, but they also have tremendous potential and applications in commercial lighting as well.

If you’ve been using fluorescent lights or incandescent lights and are bothered by the high cost of electricity and the constant maintenance needed for these types of lighting products, now may be a good time to make the switch to LED lights with the help of LED Lighting Installers Sacramento.

Why switch to LED Lights?

LED lights are not only extremely economical compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights, but they’re also highly efficient. LED lights are much more efficient than their fluorescent and halogen light counterparts. For example, with incandescent lights, less than 5% of the energy used is converted into visible light. The rest is turned into heat. Not very efficient is it?

With LED lights you get much more efficiency and save money over time. Lights are also brighter, making the area safer and more illuminated.

What Options are Available?

LED Lighting SacramentoUnlike incandescent or fluorescent lights, which are notorious for only being able to output visible light along a single color wavelength, LED lights can emit light along a variety of hues along the color spectrum. We all know how off-putting it can be to endure the harsh glare of fluorescent lighting.
The good news is that LED lighting has a wide range of applications for a variety of Sacramento businesses. For example:

    • Warm White colors (3000K) are very similar to the incandescent glow that people love so much. This gives any room a sense of warmth and coziness. Warm white colors are often used in restaurants and lounges to create a sense of relaxation.
    • Natural White (4200K) – This is a cooler variety of the warm white and is the ideal setting for LED lights in a commercial environment such as an office.
    • Daylight White (5000K) – This type of color simulates daylight during full sun. It provides a sense of brightness and helps improve productivity and alertness. Used in areas where attentiveness is key – such as schools, classrooms and meeting rooms, daylight white is very common in a variety of commercial industries.
    • Cool White (6000K) – This type of lighting provides a high contrast, intense and bright white hue. It is often used in galleries, museums and for displays because it shows start differences in colors and allows the natural beauty of pieces to show through, unhindered by hues or differences in light.

Who knew such detail and decision making went into your lighting?

Why Should I Choose LED Lighting Sacramento for my Business?

If you’ve driven past office buildings in Sacramento and surrounding areas at night, you’ll see that oftentimes, the lights are on even when employees aren’t there. Had those businesses used traditional incandescent lights or fluorescent lights, their electricity bills would be enormous.

Of course, an office building with no lights on at all would not only present a safety hazard but it would also be a prime target for thefts as well.

When upgrading to LED lights, you may think the initial cost is more expensive, but you’ll start to see significant savings within 12-18 months if not sooner – especially in downtown areas where the lights are always on.

One of the first things you may notice with regards to LED lights in your Sacramento business is how reliable they are. The average lifespan of an LED lamp is over 40,000 operating hours. This ends up translating to less time changing out faulty lights as well as an increase in safety and security.

Another reason to consider LED lights is how easy they are to replace once they are installed. LED lights are often designed to look like and fit original bulb dimensions. In some cases, however, you cannot simply replace the existing set up with an LED lamp. Sometimes, electrical lights have internal and external parts that are not compatible with your existing setup. This is where you’d hire a professional team of Commercial Lighting Contractors Sacramento such as Spectrum One to come and complete the installation and upgrade.

With So Many Benefits – It Makes Sense to Upgrade to LED

Upgrading to LED lighting is a smart investment in your company, your business and your future. Consider all of the reasons why switching to commercial LED lighting is one of the best choices you can make:

      • Higher efficiency output – more visible light, less heat output means no wasted energy and no high electricity bills!
      • Improved color range – Various degrees of lighting color and shades for even the most exacting and demanding work!
      • Greater visibility – Make sure your workplace is a safe, productive place to do business

And that’s not to mention the incredible energy savings you’ll enjoy. Your Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade will start paying for itself over time as you continue to discover all the benefits of upgrading your Sacramento business to commercial LED lighting. In some cases, we can even retrofit your lighting with new LED lights for near-instant energy savings!

What About Doing It Myself?

There are a lot of “LED Do it Yourself” kits out there for sale. Most often these are used for small residential projects and not large commercial undertakings. What’s more, these types of kits are only for the simplest of LED replacement jobs and not complete commercial electrical overhauls.

Commercial LED lighting upgrades in Sacramento require much more knowledge about how the system operates so as to minimize downtime and keep your company shining on – that’s why it pays to trust the experts at Spectrum One.

When you call, we’ll come to you for a no obligation estimate on all your Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and goals for making your commercial office or place of business more productive and energy efficient. In short, we take your needs and goals very seriously and work tirelessly to make them a reality.

Going Beyond Office Lighting

Commercial LED Lighting UpgradeOftentimes people call us for a quote on commercial LED lighting in Sacramento and realize that they need much more than just typical light fixture retrofitting or upgrades. When you think about it, you use much more than the available lighting in your office. For example – your exit signs must always be lit, but how much energy are you using? What about parking lights, back lights and other lit areas? As you can see, the costs add up quickly.

Fortunately, installing LED lighting or converting your old lights to new LED lights is a smart step toward saving money that help you go green as well as save green.

You May Qualify for Rebates or Other Options

In its never ending quest to become more energy efficient, Sacramento and surrounding areas have made going green a major focus in revitalizing the industry and encouraging businesses to set up shop in our eco friendly city. As a result, the Sacramento Municipal Board has put different rebates and incentives in place to help businesses upgrade their commercial lighting for LED use.

When you call us about your quote to upgrade your commercial lighting, we can see if you may qualify for rebates or other incentives as part of the energy saving progress plan of the Sacramento Municipal Board. Incentives can currently cover LED luminaires, exterior LED luminaires, LEDs for refrigerator cases, LED exit signs and red LED channel letters. Manufacturers and customers may also qualify for SMUD LED incentives.

You can learn more about the incentives available as well as the requirements and ENERGYSTAR certifications from the official Sacramento Municipality website at

How Do I Choose a Reliable Contractor to Install or Upgrade My Lights?

LED Lighting Contractor SacramentoThe most important thing to keep in mind when choosing an LED contractor to upgrade your lighting in your Sacramento business is experience. Many LED Lighting Contractors Sacramento and companies simply don’t have the electrical knowledge or background to safely and correctly upgrade your lighting.

What’s more, dealing with inexperienced LED Lighting contractors can be more than just an exercise in frustration. Lighting that is upgrade incorrectly can be dangerous as well as overly expensive. You’ll want to work with a contractor that has a proven track record in helping Sacramento businesses and companies in surrounding areas upgrade their commercial lighting systems to LED with ease and complete professionalism.

In short, you want the experts at Spectrum One. With years of experience working with a variety of systems, we’ve helped turn businesses in Sacramento into much more efficient, economical companies with a focus on saving money without sacrificing energy. We understand what it means to make sure your business is a productive, safe place to work and good lighting can make all the difference.

What’s more, your customers will appreciate the difference too. Whether you need soft, ambient lighting to help create a mood of luxury and finesse, or you need start, high contrast lighting to show off the innumerable details of your specially crafted work, you can count on the professionals at Spectrum One to make your lighting clean, green and efficient.

Call us today at (916)571-2830 and tell us more about your lighting needs. Whether you want to save money, improve visibility and safety or upgrade to cleaner energy (or all of the above!) we can help make the transition to LED lighting affordable and easy.

When you think about it, commercial LED lighting upgrades are a wise, cost efficient and eco friendly choice that you can make today which will save you money well into the future. For improved energy efficiency and smarter energy use, it makes sense to switch to LEDs. Call the Sacramento LED commercial lighting installation professionals at Spectrum One today and let’s get you on the road to saving green and going green with a commercial LED upgrade to your existing lighting system.

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